Friday, April 19, 2013

I'd rather be with you

ssssssssoooooooooo baby it's you you're the one I love you're the one I need hehehehehe
the reason I've been absence for this few days is because I got nothing to write, no actually I got TONS of it but it's okay I could manage it for now, well If I did actually write all of those I guess you must be really going to skip my sad post kaykay

heyy yooo so I gotta post some goals for this month
sup I gotta stay positive no matter what situation that I'm going thruuu
so here it is:

  • Happiness
  • Could manage my time better cause I'm adding a new course into my schedule
well gotta be busy cause I'm adding one more course to my daily activity and I'm shoreeee that might be really busy, and I might skip gym for that 

sooooo I'm so excited for the upcoming June! I'm stokeeeddd!
well have a great life!

I miss my iPhone that's why(taken AUG 2012)

xo ♔

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