Saturday, July 28, 2012

kiss me hard before you go

I just wanted you to know that baby you the best.

I'm too tired, I want my dream.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

when a man loves a woman


Time flies like mad that's fully on my mind these passed days, yea I remember the time I was wondering how would I turned to be when I am in Senior High School and Bam! I'm here! Regrets, I would love to just threw them away! Wishing I could photoshop the bad past well they're just a past anyway! No and I am not going to store them in my future so, let's create a great future starting up from now! No regrets and something that you would truly miss! 

Safe and sound!

when a man loves a woman
deep down in his soul
she can bring him such misery

xo ♔

Sunday, July 1, 2012

As the world goes by

xo ♔

Jet Lag

It has been two weeks since I came back from States and I still have trouble with jet lag, I wake up mostly every night since then. Soooo tired

Happy July! Hello July!

alright what I've been wishing for? Happy JULY 
you, you, you 
(know what I want)

  • Go back to June
  • back to option 1
  • Go back to last Summer
  • back to option 3
  • Today I could have cried a many tears but
  • Tomorrow will be kinder
  • Today I could have laugh so much laughters
  • Tomorrow be better
  • Everyday, Every time is always a happy time
  • A brighter day is coming my way

Thank you

xo ♔

Summer II (2012)

finallyyy finallyyyyyy :* much love

xo ♔


xo ♔