Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chelsea Hotel No2

hello bloggers
so this is how I've been going through my rough weekend, and the result was I lost my iPhone, fuck me right? I was preparing for my piano exam which was just for an ordinary school legality exam, and I was about to go to Sun plaza after the exam, which made me put my pouch inside my tuition bag, well because of some illogical reason we were not allowed to take our cell phone with us during exam, so I had no choice since nobody ever witnessed any of a 'thief' existence in my tuition, I was so carefree and simply put my bag outside the class where I took my exam in. And by the time the lesson had ended I was in rush and didn't check on my bag and just ran through to my car, well this was how the shit happened, because I thought I might miss something then I go through my bag and when I opened my pouch, I can no longer see my iPhone inside, well I didn't panic at the time but well that actually drove me insane cause I thought I might have lost my mind for a while, then I ran again to the 2nd storey the storey which I took my exam and checked on the bench well nothing was there, then I called on my iPhone number, the provider told me that it was switched off, but I kept calling and it kept saying it was switched off, well great how a thief know how to operate my iPhone, that was ridiculous cause all I think this whole time is believing people aren't that heartless enough to do something horrible such as that, the thief didn't steal any of my money, and my blackberry is still with me, Never in a lifetime I would be so carefree again! well I'm still grateful that my blackberry haven't left my side even though I've treated it harshly okay ily!

I wish things will get better and beautiful in advance. Please?

xo ♔

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