Thursday, June 5, 2014

if we're meant to be together, we'll be keeping up till the end

miss me? hello it's SEPTEMBER! OMG time surely flies madly(I know right I write this so often) I mean it! so I was off to USA babyyyy againnnn! well of course it's my summer holiday! It was such a brief even though we stayed there for quite long, so this is what happened during the holiday: the tour guide is such a noob no biggie! it happened to be that it's his first time going to USA the heck? 2nd it's tooo hoottttt I know it's summer so I'm not gonna say anything more abt this hehehehe 3rd I didn't go swimming when we stayed at WAIKIKI or to exact I didn't go swimming at all :(

note. this is a very very late post and I just remember to post it now

here's my summer ☀   

so this is the havana I played at the happiest place on earth, it's called tower of horror lol pretty good actually the decoration is splendid, the game too! a must try!

xo ♔