Saturday, April 21, 2012

taking advantage

went to Jakarta last Friday, 

that's the main reason i didn't update my blog for week, the trip was cool met my fav cousins that I haven't 
been meeting them for years


meeting my cousins at Jakarta always good, cause well she's the greatest ever and we also bought a couple shirt, wanting it for years and now I'm so happy with that 


Papa's acquaintance took us to the korean restaurant which is cool, the decoration was different from the other korean's that I've ever entered
 (food porn) 
the Visa was approved which means I'm going to New York this June, and I'm way too excited looking forward to it in the end of my holiday, 
yesterday we went to Pantai Indah Kapuk and stops by at a tea shops name babobits, the taste of the fruits juice(I'm not sure) is sweet!after finished our quick supper i requested if i could drive around the area, so i drove around, since I was the one who drove, i asked my cousins to took a picture for me around the place 
so after than, it's the time to go, I'm really gonna miss Jakarta 
mind the last post, i have a loottttttt stories to tell,yet this is a blog not a consultant i don't know when or will i spill it out or not, what i wanna do is shriek! (i can only do it silently)
 i know I was having a holiday breeze that I was so not willing to return to my hometown by the time i realized the holiday was over 
and so here i am, blend with pity Medan
 so another duty or maybe an invented party on Sunday! woot! who's ready? me? well count me in, expect less, over thinking ruins me, i hope everything gets better in advance

thanks for taking time to read my story 
 xo ♔

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