Sunday, April 8, 2012


hi, finally i made up with rêveur and sure times goes fast, my birthday party is coming up, and I'm hoping it will be fun and be the best party ever! please don't disappoint me, God please bless my birthday party, please be super awesome and great to me! I'm so overexcited now! can't wait to see how will it be! must be great! I'm hoping for the very best on the due date please. I'm going to Jakarta to take care of my visa this Saturday, wish me extraordinary luck to my visa for it to be be granted so my dreams will come true this summer reallyyyyy keep thinking about it makes me too happy and overjoyed, please be good to me!
thanks God
im so grateful right now :)

i miss you i miss your presence, i miss everything about you

xo ♔

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