Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pound The Alarm

Guess whaatttttt???? It's about 10 days to gooo!!!
What is 'whattt'? not gonna tell youuu! till I'm back!

soooooo to speak frankly, how am I? How am I doing these past few dayss??? full of tears, no I'm not faking anything just that, my best friend changes, I miss him yea, so I know he's too busy with his stuff and I know he won't have time to read this, I miss how we used to chat, talk and whatever 
just can't tell how days are really rough now a days 

if you can't handle my worst
you ain't getting my best

my point is.... I'll try to always be nice to you(though I hate short reply) and be your best friend maybe? if you ever regard me as your actual best friend. I hope nothing but the best
PS: I've spilled it out what I feel 

andddd It's August!
I'm so ready to face it so I posted this post on 4th of Aug 2012 
wow remember how time fly so fast, be sure to use it wisely (and I spent it on my blog)

I know this is old school,but remember him? 

yea there's a day where I suddenly miss his Are you lonesome tonight song! love his voice very muchh!!! My parents used to play in on the radio tape when I was younger. 

and here's another old song! 

xo ♔

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